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This Is My Life! Nothing delights a talent competition crowd and judges more than a stunning voice emitting from an unexpected source. In this rare instance of a definite crowd-pleaser, she has thus far proven she can make the cut and, most possibly, win it all!! When Rose Fostanes, a 46-year-old caregiver originally from the Philippines, stepped onto the stage to audition for “X Factor Israel,” the judges clearly didn’t expect much from her, as you can have witnessed from their faces. But from the first note she sang of Shirley Bassey’s hit “This Is My Life,” she had them mesmerized from that moment onward. Fostanes lives in small house in Tel Aviv with three friends who are also caregivers. ”I’m still single because I’ve been working for how many years, and I forgot to find somebody for me,” said Fostanes in her pre-competition interview. “Maybe if I join and win this competition my life will be changed.” It may indeed from the looks and reaction of each and every X-Factor showing thus far! All four judges gave her a standing ovation: Ivri Lider: “Take it in. Take it in because you deserve it so much. The song you chose was so right for you.” Shiri Maimon: “It sounded like a CD playing. It was perfect! It was so perfect! I just can’t believe it this is your first time performing on stage. It’s crazy.” Rami Fortis: “It was wonderful! No words. You have the X-Factor!”
Will She Win It All? Rose doesn’t believe that she looks the part, but she definitely sings like the winner she is. She may not have believed in herself from the beginning, but we all now see that heightened spark in her eyes and words beginning to shine through with every X-Factor showing.  She is, in fact, Star quality and she most certainly must believe in what she portrays in her voice each time she takes the stage. For Rose, the time is NOW to prove not only to herself, but to her captured audience that she is there to give them all the gift of a voice that clearly moves them each and every time she sings.  Go for it, Rose!
Rose Wins & Heads To The Finals!!!!
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